A horse back ride which combines the extensive patagonian steppe with an up hill trail. It includes Spectacular panoramic views of the Paine Massif, Grey Glaciar, the Balmaceda, Donoso and Ferrier mountains when the weather is on our side. Duration: 3 hours


A unique circuit through the vast flatlands of the region, the river banks of the Serrano river with crystal turquoise water, endemic ñirre and lenga forests and sand banks to discover the Serrano River Waterfalls which creates an incredible landscape with the Paine Massif.

Duration: 4 Hours. Includes: snack during the horse back ride.


An adventure with a great variety of landscapes, riding through the characteristic pampas, mystical ñirre and lenga forests, the shores of the Serrano River, valleys and smooth sand banks. A special ride with beautiful views of the Paine Massif and the imposing Donoso Mountain.

Duration: 6 hours Includes: Box Lunch during the horse back ride.


A dynamic journey on horseback with a variety of amazing landscapes. Visiting an estancia we ride through endemic forests, pampas and glaciar water rivers. The different hills and mountainous formations are part of the landscape as are the old puestos which still remain in this rarely visited place. This route finally takes us to a destination with a lookout of the Tyndall Glaciar, one of the various glaciars which form part of the Patagonian Southern Ice Field.

Duration: 7-8 hours Includes: Box Lunch during the horse back ride.


Departure: 10 Am o 2 PM in  Serrano village – Torres del Paine NP